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About the Festival
The East Devon Music Festival, formally The Honiton Festival, was conceived some 30 years ago by John Dalton and Roger Hendy, both of whom are still actively involved.
The East Devon Music is a registered charity and is run solely by unpaid volunteers. Its income is derived entirely from sponsorship, donations, advertising and ticket receipts. The Festival’s objective is to provide high quality music to as wide an audience as possible at an affordable cost at various venues in East Devon.
Contact us at: info@eastdevonmusicfestival.org

Statutory and Legal
East Devon Music is a Company limited by Guarantee
Incorporated in England & Wales and registered at Companies House under No. 2692316
Registered Office: 165 High Street, Honiton, Devon EX14 1LQ Registered Charity No. 1044602

Accuracy of Information
Whilst we endeavour to provide you with the most accurate information available, the information on this website may change without notice. Also, it is possible that some errors or inaccuracies may result from time to time.
The East Devon Music and its organisers accept no liability for the accuracy of information or material that this site and our other publications contain.

Privacy Policy
We only use your personal information to run the Festival. We do NOT sell your information to anyone and only allow your details to be passed to other organisations where it is essential to the running of the Festival. For example, we would allow your name etc to be passed to PayPal if you were making a donation via the website.